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We will like and love every visitor who adhere and comply to our terms.

What we want is for everyone to enjoy our site and we will try our possible best to make it a memorable experience for our visitors.

The following are some rules that must be strictly adhered to.

We really do love to hear your views through comments our visitors post, because it makes us create better articles and it also helps us know the views and minds of our esteemed readers. But please we will not like see any comment that is,
1. Abusive.
2. Illegal.
3. Rude or horrible.

More specifically we will not tolerate any form of copyrighted materials as comment, and also any form of duplicate of our post in any format, without our prior permission.

We only do accept good written English as comments and not in any other language.

By reading our terms of use, we strongly beleive you will adhere to it.

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