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About us, is a blog known for it's outstanding works in this era of information, that is the 21st century era.
 This blog was established and founded by Mr. Gideon Onyekwelu (aka Gibold), (a popular and renowned writer in so many outstanding works).

Giboldtimes blogs passes the real and original news, gists, information, tips etc, to the least of internet users so that they can be inform, our society is deformed today is because of lack of information, that's when we now come in to close that gap.
And we are assured that with hard work coupled with dedication we will achieve its great goals of ours.

Our inspiration has long ago started in 2010, through magazines, workshops and seminars, where we empower and pass out useful and helpful information.
This blog was official launched on 10th July 2017, when we realized that the internet in among the best tool to let the world know purpose.

We're been founded and situated in Cross river state, Nigeria, but we do have branches nationwide across Nigeria.
Our mission and vision can not be accomplished without our audience, we do appreciate and thank all our audience because they are the brain why we are here.
Our works has gone far and near, reaching to our targeted audience, and we have gotten numerous comments and feed back and we do appreciate and also pray for more inspiration for success.

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