If you have once rooted your android phone or device, because you may probably want to by pass the in built restrictions on your device or you want to install some app or game that do needs a root privilege, that's was why you rooted your android device in the first place, but now you want to reverse your android device to its original form the way the manufacturer of the device produced it to be i.e to unroot.

But note that if you do go through this little step by step tutorials on how to unroot your android device, those app that do need root privileges will automatically stop working, so think twice when going for an unroot process, because you may think that you can play smart on your device by rooting and unrooting it any time you wish to and you do still want those apps that needs root privileges to continue working.
Also don't forget to back up all your files on your device, so as to avoid permanent loss of files on your device.

So today we will be discussing on the most easiest and safest ways to unroot your Android device.


You may have heard or known about the popular Kingo Root App for PC, its one of the most successful and used rooting app on PC, although it claims to be able to root almost every type of Android device.

Apart from it famous rooting ability it also has an unrooting feature in it which is pretty simple and easy to use to remove root privileges on your device.

Immediately you open the app and you have an android device which root access has been granted, go to the /system folder Using ES, tap on the dropdown that has the writting “Homepage” (assuming you’re just on the start page). Select the “Device" option then unroot, do wait a while for it to successfully unroot.


There is an app called "SuperSU" that allows for advanced management of access rights for all the apps on your Android device that need root access.

This app is designed with a function to unroot Android device. Sometimes, this app should be automatically installed when your phone was rooted, although it depends on the app or the process you used when rooting your device. But if you don't have it your device, you can install SuperSU on Google play store.

After installing the app, open the app go to the settings option and scroll down and tap the full unroot botton.

Wait for the app to close, then reboot your phone (switching it off and on). You can also confirm if you have removed root access, by checking for root privileges, you can check using the Root Checker App, search it on Google play store and download one.

It’s good to know that you can always undo your root if you’ve made a bit of a mess of it. Likewise, it’s good to know that you can re-root again after you’ve unrooted and done all the business you needed to.

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