This article may look quite interesting for mobile subscribers because it is meant for every mobile network operating any where in the world be it in the United states, United kingdom, India, Russia, China, Nigeria, etc.

Now what is a USSD code or service code.

"Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD), sometimes referred to as "Quick Codes" or "Feature codes", is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider's computers."

So this codes are commands in which you do press or click on your cell phone activate a particular service you want to activate on your device

In this tutorials we will be using MTN Nigeria as a case study, on how to do this little simple trick, in some cases it makes you feel like a guru among your peers by cramming long codes to a particular service option.


Now let begin with this,

e.g *406# this a short USSD code to migrate to a plan on tariff plan on MTN Nigeria called Mtn ipulse, so when a subscriber dials this short code it will take the user to this menu,

Meaning you are not done yet with your subscription, so you need to select which option you do need, now this is where our trick come in.

Let's start with the MTN Nigeria self service menu by dialing *123# then you see the pop-up window with these options,

1. Account Information.
2. Tariff Plan Migration.
3. Data Services.
4. Roaming & Int'l Offers.
5. My Services.
6. Extra Time.
7. More..

Now if you want to subscribe for data plans you just have to select 3 and you send it and it will also bring you this pop-up window with these options,

1. Buy Data Plans.
2. Buy Xtra Value Bundle.
3. Buy Goody Bags.
4. Check Bundle.
5. Roaming & Int'l Offers.
6. XtraTime / Byte.
7. BB Plans.
8. YouTube Packs.

Now you have to select the plans you do prefer, but on this post we are choosing No.1 that is "Buy Data Plans", then would still see this pop-up window with this options,

Buy Data Plans.

1. Daily Plan.
2. Weekly Plan.
3. Monthly Plan.
4. 2-Months plan.
5. 3-Months plan.
0. Back.

Now our next choice according to this post is 3 which is "Monthly Plan", there is also another pop-up window that will display with this options,

Monthly Plan.

1. 1GB @ 1000.
2. 2.5GB @ 2000.
3. 5GB @ 3500.
4. 10GB @ 5000.
5. 22GB @ 10000.
0. Back.

After this pop-up window has shown up, we now choose option 1 which is "1GB @ 1000", now it would still bring you another pop-up window, with this message,

You will be charged N1000 for the purchase of 1GB + 500MB Bonus monthly data bundle.
1. Proceed
2. Optout
0. Back

Now here is the last window, before you do get a message of that your subscription is successful or have been activated.


Let's start from the start of this article, we want to buy a data plan instead of going through this whole process of dial *123#, next press 3, next press 1, next press 3, next press 1, next press 1 to subscribe to 1Gig data plan on MTN Nigeria, because you don't know the short USSD code.

So now each window is been replaced by an "*" sign, indicating or telling the network systems that you want to access the exact window you want to.

Here is how it works,
1. *123*3# will take you to the data services menu directly.
2. *123*3*1# will take you to the buy data plans menu directly.
3. *123*3*1*3# will take you to the monthly data plan menu directly.
4. *123*3*1*3*1# will take you to the 1GB @ N1000 window directly.
5. *123*3*1*3*1*1# will take you to the proceed menu directly.

So with this trick for you to buy 1 GB data plan directly without going through all those menus, just dial *123*3*1*3*1*1#.

This trick do work on any network providers in the world, its legal so no need to panic if you are been caught or blocked.

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