Instagram is a social media or platform with a very commanding influence, although it's not the 1st or most visited social media, but it is among the top commanding social platforms and also the best and most widely used social media for posting and sharing of high quality pictures.

It has also been estimated that more than 50 million photos and Videos are being shared each day, with a massive 12,000 likes clicked per second and also over 1,300 comments per second.

Now, that you have known a very rough sketch of what kind of competition you may face on Instagram, just to be instafamous, now what do you do?

But before you do anything, you’ll sorely need to understand how Instagram do works. On Instagram over 90% of posts are photos, and this is a fact that Instagram was designed as a social platform sorely that focuses on encouraging users to post high quality photos and create visual contents.

Although Instagram had updated a couple of improvements in the past years, it is still prone to more improvements in the nearest future, so that it can provide a good platform for both users and business brands.

So now let's focused on our topic, some new users on Instagram do think that to be instafamous is something you can buy with cash, with some fake paid and free followers apps and sites, although they may gibe you the followers you did purchase but as day goes by they will keep on decreasing because you may not have what they do want or like to follow or sometimes they may be ghost and inactive users account they do manipulate to give you those fake followers.

But the truth is that, to be instafamous you need to be dedicated to your Instagram account and do posts regularly because consistency is the No.1 rule to be famous on Instagram and also using this most powerful ten tricks to grow your Instagram followers quicker than you think.


This is a very unique way to build a good and engaging community and also gain new followers, but you may be a little bit puzzled by what hash tags are, in the real sense of it, hash tags refers or serves the same purpose as groups in other social media platforms, because if user A posts a picture with the hash tag #live and also user B, C, D, E, F and G do also use the same hash tag #live, all their contents will be grouped together and place in the tag group #live. Also a hash tags starts with a hash "#" sign and examples are #love, #gibold, #funny etc and they are used to tag your pictures or videos, that's why its called a hash tag. So when I post an image and I want people who are interested in love to see it, then I will tag it #love or #lovely, so to get the best hash tags that best suits my image then I will search for popular hash tags that best suits my image and that will attract for me more likes and followers.


Many people may say if you want to grow your followers on Instagram just use all the popular hash tags around, but that's not the truth, let me tell you the secret you don't seem to know about popular hash tags on Instagram,
A. All popular hash tags pictures and videos are been seen by many users.
B. All popular hash tags pictures and videos do fade easily, because many people are using it too to tag their pictures and videos so the competition is very high.
So when using hash tags on your content just use relevant popular hash tags to give you more engaged followers quicker than you do expect, for example my picture is just about an apple phone I bought, then I tagged it #environments or #strong, these tags are irrelevant to the picture, so any user seeing an iPhone in the group tag #strong the user may by pass without liking or commenting on it.


Using more than one hash tag is supported by Instagram, but with a maximum of 30 hash tags per picture or video, so using more than one hash tags is very important because, it increases your chances of your content been seen by many users and it does increase followers quickly.


Do you give your content time to look over it again, like if possible just edit your contents, even though you don't know how to edit, your Instagram app also has that unique features, so before uploading your post on Instagram do try to edit it to look nice if you don't have a good camara, because good quality brings followers.


This one of the beat methods in increasing your followers on Instagram and this method best fits brands, because someone may download your interesting pictures or videos and will like to repost it as his or hers, so when doing that users can read the inscriptions and also love to follow you to get more of those kind of contents.


Writing of short messages on a post helps to increase a post engagement, likes and followers, it all depends on what you want the post to do or get for you, example for if you need likes you may write" You can like this pic if its really cute or your love it" etc and also don't forget to use emoji to express your feelings or expressions because most Instagram users do prefer emoji than words.


Sharing your Instagram contents are in two different ways,
A. Sharing to your posts on other social media account will help your friends and fans know who you are and also follow you.
B. Promoting and asking followers to share or repost your contents on their profiles.

Sharing of contents helps you to reach out to people that do matter to you on Instagram and it also do give and increase your followers because people who do love your contents will like to follow you, so they can know when you do post.


This a very huge and time consuming task but the truth about it is that it does pay well and does increase your followers speedily.

When I did say random likes and comments, I don't mean that you should be liking and commenting on any picture or video you do see on Instagram, all I mean is that, you do like and comment wisely and and it must be users who do share the same interest with you, example my Instagram profile or post is all about fashion then I do like or comment on sports contents, what am doing is that am hitting unnecessary likes or comments, because if the user do view your profile and finds out that the both of you don't have the same interest he will just by pass your profile without following you, because the user don't have interest in your posts.

So try to like or comment on posts that share the same similarities with yours, so that you can drive so many views and possibly good and engaging followers.


This is a very profitable way of appreciating someone and also driving more followers to you.
When you do like someone's comments the person do feel really happy that someone liked his comments and 50% of users you liked their comments will like to know you more, especially when you were the only user who liked their comments, but don't use this feature continuously because you may be banned by Instagram from using the feature for the whole day, so if am to suggest do like only 10 comments per post and also do it wisely.


Timing and scheduling can never be neglected because every post on Instagram do have a short life span so to get the right timing matters, although timing depends on the country or locality, but mostly the most preferred time is 5pm to 7pm, because between those hours there is always less work and more fun and also enough time to browse through your Instagram posts and see what friends are doing.

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