Do you have a good and healthy white teeth? And you are afraid of your teeth changing its original colour or have you tried any of the teeth whitening techniques you know, and your teeth has now regained its beauty, and you don't want it to go back to what it was before? As the proverb says "prevention is better than cure", so there are some things you need to do to maintain that glittering white teeth of yours.


You may be lucky enough to have been born with a crystal clear white teeth, or not. But there are some habits or diet of yours that can change the natural color of your teeth to something else, then it may sound very helpful for you to understand some of the many reasons that causes tooth discolouration.

Although you may naturally have yellow teeth, which may be unfortunately true for some persons, there are a some habits that causes that your teeth to change its colour to something in admirable.


Firstly, on our topic's list of teeth decoloration, it's your diet.
There are a lot of foods and drinks that can gradually change their colour of your teeth.

Do try as much as possible avoids avoids stain-causing foods, drinks and beverages, there are a lot of them out there, but here are some common few one's we do consume frequently

1. Coffee.
2. Berries.
3. Wine.
4. Sports drinks.
5. Tomato sauce etc.
To mention but a few are foods that can cause tooth discoloration.

If you can't avoid them, then do use a straw when drinking these beverages, so as to keep away stain causing dyes that are contained in the drinks, away from direct contact to your teeth.


Another common cause of tooth discolouration is the continuous or constant use of some certain medications that can create tooth stains.

Now the question is, how can we know those medications that can caused tooth decoloration, no need to panic about it we have researched and found out some commonly used medications that you do have to avoid or get an alternative when using them.

A. Tetracyclines
Tetracyclines can lead to permanent tooth staining or decoloration when taken by an expectant mother or a child during the developmental and tooth formation period of primary and secondary teeth, so tetracycline should be avoided during lactation, pregnancy, and in children less than 8 years of age.

According to statistics, study claims that one-third of little children less than 8,years of age treated with tetracycline do experience tooth staining or decoloration.


Although one of the most used and biggest cause of tooth discolouration is the constant use of tobacco products like, cigarettes, snuff or any liquid, chewy or grounded tobacco products, they must be strictly avoided. Tobacco gives your teeth a very dull appearance, and it can cause teeth yellowing, and can also leave dark, unsightly stains on your tooth.


May be because of the nature of the work or job you do, you do brush your teeth on chanced, or when you do feel like to do it.

Some times it do depends on where one do live or grew up from, because some rural villages in the world today, don't value taking care of their teeth regularly or daily, so when some one from that part of this world comes to a more develop town or area, he may find it really difficult to adapt to daily brushing and tooth care processes.

Brushing of your teeth infrequently do increase chance of tooth decoloration, one should be very strict about teeth brushing at least twice a day, or if possible after meals.

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