Facebook is the world's most used social media platform, it has grown very high to an extent that, if you are not on Facebook, it means you have not started or don't belong to this 21st century, you know what I mean by that, what it means is that you are outdated or whatever.

Although Facebook don't pay you for using their social media platform, like young and up coming social media platforms do, but if you are an influencer on Facebook, then you can control other of your social media accounts like tweeter, Instagram etc without you going through the stress of being popular.

So many businesses and brands have thought it a wise idea to build a good and reputable Facebook audience, and one of your the ways you can achieve that is by creating a Facebook page for your fans, brands or businesses.

There is little or no work work in creating a Facebook page, but where the ultimate task comes in, is how to grow the Facebook page.

As social media platforms varies in their mode of operations, so their mode of increasing your accounts influence varies, so we will want to take you on a journey on how to increase you Facebook page likes, audience, engagement and influence.



Facebook advertisements also known as Facebook ads, is a paid service promotion that is done by Facebook, to expose you newly created page to your targeted audience at a token fee.

Although it might seems too little for big firms and businesses, but if you do check those little tokens you do pay Facebook daily in a year, wow its a huge some of cash.

So what is the faith of those that don't have such to give to Facebook for page promotions, does that mean that, it will not be able to reach their targeted audience? But before you do answer this question, just read this article down, there is still a lot of hope and chances of your Facebook page making it in that field or niche you may choose.



Inviting your Facebook friends to like your Facebook page is another good way to increase your Facebook page likes and engagement, according to research 90% of Facebook pages do invite their friends to like their page, but due to the restrictions of a maximum of 5,000 friends per account by Facebook, and also a possibility of 62% of your profile friends to comply to the invitation, now keeps your page in jeopardy because you want to reach a wide audience of Facebook users, but there is still hope just read on.



This strategy is mostly meant for celebrities, brands and business names already known in the outside world, if you are just an upcoming social media influencer I will not recommend you to try this.

Behind the scenes as the name implies, is your lifestyles behind the brand or business umbrella, because you have to give your fans and customers that boost and confidence for them to confide in you and your page, interviews and live video events are also a great way to get more new Facebook Likes and increased engagements.



Most times friends you do have on other social media accounts may be on Facebook but not as your friends but with you linking and sharing your page posts to other of your social media accounts it does promote your page engagements and likes at a 20% rate, it indirectly means you are promoting your page manually without the help of Facebook ads or promotions.



Your brand or business do have a niche or area of specialization it do fall under, you may have been wondering why do I always emphasize on engagements and likes, okay I will clarify you.
A. Engagement means your active audience, who do participate on your page activities like commenting, voting, liking and ratings. Those that do follow every bit of your posts and activities on your page, they are also a very strong page promoters because they do like what you do offer them, so they will also like to share your page to their friends and loved ones who they do think will also like what you do offer.
B. Likes means how many people clicked on the icon "like page", if your page has a total of 10,000 likes and an engagement of 2% it means that you may post or start up an event and only 400 persons will participate out of 10,000 people who liked your page, but please don't misunderstand me, no page on Facebook has boosted or can boost of a 100% engagement rate, but at least strive and do ensure you do have a 50% engagements rates on any of your events or page posts.

What does increase Facebook page engagements is the quality of your contents, try as much as possible to know exactly what your audience do like, in line with the interest of the page brand or business.



With a very promising product and also excellent services, it won't take long (although it will take some time),for your page to be among the most popular pages on Facebook, and when this is achieved you have climbed the ladder of success on social media marketing.

Share, share all the way is the most efficient and most trust worthy methods of increasing your Facebook page likes quickly.

You questions may be where can I share my Facebook page, how can I get my targeted audience for a boost in my Facebook page engagement?
The answer is do you know the area of specialization of your brand or business very well? when I mean very well means are you a professional in that field? If yes, than your journey of sharing starts from there, lets use photography as our page niche, all we have to do is to search for Facebook groups and pages, that do focus or have interests in photography, like the pages and join the groups, but note, try to join high influential pages and groups, which means pages with high numbers of page likes and groups with high numbers of members, so that when you do share your pages in the groups many people who are interested in your niche can check out your page and also hit the like page button, also take note you can't share your page on another Facebook page, unless you are among the admins of the page, but you can still comment useful comments so others can choose to follow you and also like you page when you do tell them about your Facebook page, also when sharing share your beat posts not just any post because if the posts you shared are not convincing enough there is an 80% chance of people skipping your shared contents.

Lastly but not the least you can join as many Facebook groups as you like but not at once and there are also some groups that do disable that option of sharing or posting in their groups, and those kind of groups are not they type you do need to promote your Facebook page.
You may ask how can I know this kind of groups? How you can know those groups is that only one person does the posting while others do the liking and commenting.

I do hope this tips helps you, in your quest to be a Facebook influencer through your Facebook page.
You can comment below post, if this strategy worked really fine for you.

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