Wow this sounds like an interesting article, you may ask yourself is it possible? How and where can my lost device be found, but before you continue on this article first you need to have at the back of your mind, some useful information that will help you on this.


1. Hope you have your Google account detail off hand.
2. Hope the Google account details is the one on the lost device.
Here now comes the answer you need, to get your lost android device without stress.

Google launched an app called "Find My Device " you can get it on the android Google play store.  Here.

You may be saying something in your mind like, I don't have this app on my lost android device, yes that's the essence of the app, you don't even need to have it on your lost device, before you can use it.


The new and improved Android Device Manager.
1. Helps you easily locate a lost Android device, and keeps your information safe and sound while you look.
2. Helps you track down your device when it’s close by.
3. With Find My Device you can secure your device remotely and help someone get in touch.

But Note : If your lost android device is switched off " The Android device manager " will not be able to locate or find it, or if you lost android device was stolen and formatted, it cannot be found nor retrieved again.

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